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  • sustentabilidade

There is still much to learn about sustainability. However, we know that it has to do with acts of our daily lives. Increasingly, people understand the problems related to the environment and begin to think globally. But that's not all: you also need to think and act, locally.

In an effort to reduce our carbon emissions and minimize the environmental impact of our operations, several actions were taken, such as the adoption of low energy lighting (CFL), the use of heat pumps for water heating, installing aerators in taps and showers, as well as timers and occupancy sensors and extensive use of the CFL bulbs and LEDs allowed us to significantly reduce our emissions. Several other initiatives are in place (please contribute with your suggestions). Reducing the environmental impact is vital considering the estimates of expansion of the world population to over 9 billion people by 2050 **.

In many of the challenges that lie ahead to achieve this goal, we may have already lost some opportunities to grapple with even small. We must, however, deal with them before they grow even more. We invite you to participate in building something to be handed down to future generations: a sustainable planet.

* UN projection ** carbon neutral; CTGAS;